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Dry January, how and why?

As most of us make plans for New Years resolutions one that always comes up is Dry January! I have to admit we always try and fail. Not because we can't go without a drink it's just because for me I don't like being told I can't do something (even by me) 🙂

Now when you talk about doing dry January people always think. Oh she drinks too much, Is she drunk now? When actually like many, that is not the case at all. Our reasons for doing it (yes me and the husband) are as follows:

We have put on lots of weight

It become a habit rather than a treat

We want to be a better example to the kids

We want to sleep better

We don't want the handovers

We want better gut health

We want to set a goal and stick to it

We are now 20 days in and here is what has happened.

It's easy! which is not something I though I would say. It's like we just made a decision to not drink and that is it!

No, oh it's Friday night I want a drink. No, I deserve it after the week I've had. We have actually been very fortunate to be really positive and find alternative ways to reward ourselves.

We have been more focused, more present with each other and the kids (instead of hungover) We have lost some weight. We sleep better but still absolutely shattered lol. We don't feel as bloated and we feel a sense of achievement. Now I know it's only day 18 and we have more days left but I really feel like we've got this.

Here are our tips.

  • Remove all alcohol from the house - only joking. Leave it where it is, if you move it it will be like the forbidden fruit.

  • Plan your meals. I know this may sound odd but there were certain meals we liked to pair with wine. Like chilli, or beer and pizza. So if you know what you are eating it prepares you to find an alternative.

  • Have non alcohol stuff in the house. Non alcohol beers, pop (which we don't normally drink) these have been a nice alternative to water.

  • Make some mochtails. If it's the weekend treat yourself, have some fun with it. Get the kids involved in making them and coming up with ideas.

  • Don't hit the fuck it button...(I'll tell you more on this later)

  • Having an accountability partner. My husband is my saviour

  • If you want to lose weight take pictures of your body at the beginning and end and see the difference.

  • Tell people you are doing it and ask for support.

On day 20 we are crushing it, things might get harder. This time next week I may have a glass of wine in my hand but for now I'm committing to 31days of dry January.

Good luck on your journey if you are doing 31 days of something...

Kerry x

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