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Welcome to 2023 the year of .....

Happy New Year. It seems weird writing that on the 12th January but here we are. So much has happened since we last spoke. My commitment this year is to take you with me on my journey through 2023 and hopefully inspire and help you.

Firstly, I feel like I've taken control, taken my power back and 2023 is my year. Yes, you heard me correct. Not the year of health, fitness, self care. Just the year of me! I want to look back on 2023 and think yes! That really was the year I did what I said I was going to do.

But first I need to let you know what happened. In 2022 the pain got worse from my Hernia repair in 2021 and I was diagnosed with nerve damage from the operation. Anyone who has this will know that it is agony and nothing you do will reduce your pain. So it's a choice of be in pain or be out of it. Which as a mum of 2 is not really an option. So lots of tablets, rest and stress followed that. I couldn't understand why my body was doing this to me.

Had I not treated it well, exercised, eaten (not all the time) healthy, took care of it for many years. I had so much rage that I just fell into a slump. I hated my body and I was just unhappy.

Now you know when they say you have that ah ha moment. when you realise that things have changed. That didn't really happen. I just decided. The pain had slowly gotten better over Christmas, the physio was beginning to help, the painkillers were reduced and my body was beginning to realign with my mind.

So over Christmas and New Year without even thinking about it. I signed up for 31 days of yoga with Cancer Research. I just decided I was going to do it, my brain went into action and I decided my body would follow. I also signed up for a 5k tough mudder with Fintan and a 5k walk with my mum, but we will worry about those later in the year :-) I (we, the husband) also decided to do dry January. Which has been amazing, but that's another blog.

So these 2 things have given me more focus and determination to allow 2023 to be the year of me. A happy me, a healthy me, a me that gets up at 6am and has completed 8000 steps before I sit down at my desk at 8.30. A me I can be proud of . That this time next year I can say look at what I did and be happy with what I've accomplished.

I have no idea if the pain will come back but for now I'm staying positive that I've taken control over it. So if your a long standing community member of Kerry Riley Wellness or if you are new. Hi, thank you for reading and I wish you amazing things for 2023.

Kerry x

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