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Welcome to Kerry Riley Wellness

We offer Fitness and Wellness Services in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

I wanted to introduce myself I am Kerry, mum of 2, Fintan and Arizona, wife to Sean. I love wine and food which is why I fell in love with exercise because it means I can do both.

And my mission is to help you and your family to fall in love with Fitness.

I struggled to find the time to exercise when I had Fintan and Arizona, no one offered services where you could bring the kids, or services on line, or even services that you can do together which is what I offer.

Here are my crazy gang!

If I could wave a magic wand!

I want a world where family exercise is the norm! Where children love fitness and mindful activities and a world where children meal plan and love to cook. And a world where everyone loves fitness.

Don't be a stranger

Make sure you are kept up to date with all things Kerry Riley Wellness by downloading our app. Go to your App Store and searching for FIT BY WIX

The code you need is here - CODE: DFDMKP

We hope you have found a class, course or workshop that you like, if not we are always looking to add new things to our timetable so, please contact us here

If you have not checked out what we offer, click the button below.

And we hope to see you soon.

Sending Self Care

Kerry Riley Wellness


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