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Why I love Yoga and so should you

Kerry Riley Wellness

I started my Yoga obsession (I'm going to call it an obsession because that is what I have) when I was pregnant with Fintan (so 12 years ago). I had heard that Yoga was good for your hips and boy was I struggling. So, I bought a DVD, as you did back then and started my journey. I quickly discovered it wasn't about the moves, there was no right or wrong way. It was about the journey, you just go with the flow, your flow.

Looking back I think this is where my journey first started, where I fell in love with Fitness.

The connection I made with my body and my baby during this time was amazing. The stillness, the breathing, the stretching. It was like it was meant to be, like my mind and body were finally working together. I was relaxing, I was thinking about nothing but the movement. I was finally connecting to my breathing (which was such a massive thing). So, once I'd given birth I started my recovery and you bet that Yoga was a big part of that.

I qualified as a Yoga instructor and have never looked back. I now teach pre and post natal Yoga, children's Yoga and Yoga-camps ( bundle of 6 week classes)

If you have never done a Yoga class before you are missing out. Let me tell you what you don't need to be to do Yoga.

  1. Fit

  2. Have balance

  3. Be flexible

These are the top 3 I get asked a lot. You don't need them to do Yoga. That is what you gain on your Yoga journey.

The benefits I've seen over the 12 years I've done Yoga are;

  1. Physical benefits; Yoga can move, tone and stretch muscles that other exercises don't.

  2. Mental and emotional; Yoga has got me through so much, I wish I could thank it.

  3. Self discovery and growth; I've learnt that I can push myself, I can take time for myself, I can do a handstand at 42.

  4. Mind and Body connection; when I feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious. I listen to my body and turn to my island (my yoga mat)

This is by no means a definitive list. They are purely my top 4. You will have noticed I refer to my Yoga mat as my island. Which is how I see my mat, an island. A place I go to have time on my own, I leave all the doubts, worries and stresses off the mat and enjoy my piece of heaven.

Everyones experience with Yoga is different. It's important to explore and discover what aspects of yoga resonate with you personally and bring you joy and fulfillment.

If you want more information about Yoga, or have any questions please reach out. Better yet Join me on a Yoga class.

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